DoloPril is made of dolomite lime crushed to a very fine powder: 100% will pass a 30-mesh screen; 70% will pass a 100-mesh screen; and more than 30% will pass a 325-mesh screen. The powder is then constituted into spherical prills held together with a bonding agent. These prills are then sized into two products: regular - passes through a 4-mesh screen and over a 14-mesh screen, and fine - passes through a 14-mesh screen and over a 35-mesh screen.

DoloPril is not hygroscopic, however, in storage it must be protected from wetting. The binding agent used to make DoloPril is highly water soluble. Consequently, as soon as DoloPril prills come into contact with water, disintegration of the prill begins, and the many small particles which comprise the prill are released into the surrounding soil water medium and the reaction to correct soil pH begins.



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Dolopril Benefits of Dolopril
  • Adds calcium and magnesium
  • raises soil pH
  • Reduces excess aluminum, iron and manganese
  • Improves efficiency of potassium
  • Increases available phosphorus and molybdenum
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Why Aerate My Lawn?

Lawn aeration is generally recognized as the best way to improve air/gas exchange and water/nutrient intake. Some aeration occurs naturally, but due to soil compactions, lawns rarely thrive without some means of mechanical aeration.

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